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A decentralized crypto trading platform made from investors created for investors.

Athena DexFi is a decentralized crypto trading platform, where users can participate in upcoming IDOs researched carefully by our team with automatic investments, staking, lending and borrowing, short integration, stop-loss, stop-market order, and smart contract factory in DeFi. Athena DexFi also has Trading contracts that help the user manage their coins with more security (for example, if a hacker compromises our metamask he doesn't know that there are coins we are managing through a contract). Anyone can open their contract and be the owner without asking the admin for permission. The trader does not pay any fees to the platform and can use all these tools for free. If other users decide to copy trade this contract, we will ask for a commission on the profit, through this commission we will pay the trader and the platform.

Athena DexFi started as a centralized digital asset brokerage company registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines that provides its customers a platform to participate in pre-sale transactions. The company prides itself on putting all users in the driving seat to create a family-style community with one ambitious purpose: share ideas and cooperate to find the next big thing.

Athena DexFi research team is cautious in choosing upcoming projects that will be accessible to our users, because of this We are able to participate in ADAX and Defector private sales in 2021 which led our early investors with 1000% realized profits.

With the continous growth of Athena DexFi, We keep building new features and transitioning into DeFi for a more secure and advanced trading platform that everyone around the world can use.

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